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Client Testimonials

Hi Rose,

Thanks a lot for going above and beyond with the exchange process. I truly appreciate how well you handled this transaction and kept me in the loop throughout everything.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Best regards,
Saud Ahmed

Saud Ahmed Customer of Samsung Warranty Exchange Program
Samsung Canada

Nancy, Leslie and I would really like to thank you for all the hard work you had to put in just to get a small stove moved from Point A to Point B.

Having worked most of my life in Oilfield Construction and being dependent on hauling equipment and materials on schedule and in a timely manner I truly understand what you have gone through to make this happen for us. You have "removed the burr from under the saddle" for which we are truly grateful.

I took this photo yesterday afternoon (March 10, 2014) across the field behind our property. We knew it was an omen.

Thank you once again

Tom and Leslie Redhead
Keremeos, BC

Tom and Leslie Redhead Customer of Samsung Warranty Exchange Program
Samsung Canada

Good morning.

I would like to thank Dave (Wide Range partner in Alberta) and Nancy(Customer Service Representative for Wide Range) for delivering our replacement fridge yesterday in such a caring manner. He ensured everything was hooked up properly and in working order prior to leaving. Even our little ice maker was working all night.

Thank you for the excellent service. We are very happy to have a working refrigerator. 🙂

Cheryl-Ann Orr

Cheryl-Ann Orr Customer of Samsung Warranty Exchange Program
Samsung Canada

We need to talk. I’m frustrated as hell with shipping ... it’s crazy busy here and with the exception of Widerange, I’m finding a lot of issues with carriers who can’t deliver with their promises. I’d like to discuss what kind of volume you can handle at reasonable prices.

Charlene Smith

Charlene Smith
SunRise Spas

Great job and the start of a great partnership.

Steve Ennis
UCC Distribution

It is likely that in the course of conversations over the past 2+ years I have mentioned my impending retirement. It has been a long process with several twists and turns along the way but things are finally winding down for me. Officially, December 31st is the last day but I will be taking some vacation time so the 21st will be my last day on site. We go back a long way and I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for us (and me) over the years to get the product out the door. We have gone through countless changes as people, processes, and ownerships came and went. You have always worked through it with us maintaining a high level of service to the customers. I know we lost touch over the last couple of years due to changes in the business but I keep in touch with Chris and he keeps me up to speed on how things are going. Thanks again and all the best

Brian Kelly

Morning Andrea

I just wanted to thank you again for all you did yesterday above and beyond what was expected, it is truly appreciated.

I haven't heard anything else, so will assume both drivers cleared.

Thanks again.



Debro Chemicals

David, this is the amazing service that gives us a competitive edge. I have never had a transport company do this before, actually be proactive and "step up to the plate".

Ron & David, thanks for all your help!

Thanks again for working through all the little issues of the last couple weeks!!!

AET Inc.

First of all, please feel free to send this e-mail to your direct report. I just wanted to send out my thanks from the Arvin Meritor team for all the hard work and willingness to change procedures over the last couple of weeks. This change over was successful, primarily due to your communications and dedication to covering all the loads as they are sent to you. We really appreciated what you did last weekend getting all the Sunday freight picked up with no issues.


Thanks again for working through all the little issues of the last couple weeks!!!

Dan Karr - Logistics Manger
Arvin Meritor

Please let me confirm that Vent Master has worked with Wide Range Transportation located at 689 South Service Road, Grimsby, Ontario, 905-643-5100, for more than 10 years. Over the many years of doing business, Wide Range Transportation has become a strong partner and reliable team member for Vent Master.

At Vent Master, we believe that a reliable transportation company is key to our success. Wide Range Transportation has in every way and always exceeded our expectations. The Wide Range Transportation team is very professional and service oriented. When in urgent need for fast and reliable shipment, Wide Range Transportation was always there for us to support us and our customers. The Vent Master team and our customers appreciate their service and support.

With confidence I strongly recommend Wide Range Transportation, a partner we trust, their service we value, and the vital role they play to Vent Master's success.

Erik Magner - General Manager
Vent Master / Air Tech

I would like to take this opportunity and thank you, your company and your staff for the way business has been and continue to be conducted on a day to day basis and the professional relationship that has been developed between both our staff. It is by no means a simple task in a service type of business such as ours.

Although one specific project has come to an end, Wide Range will always be our first choice in any business decision where your services are needed. This is entirely attributed to the way you all treated and continue to treat Hunter Amenities, their business and their staff. No business can ask for more.

By way of this letter, I am conveying not only my sentiments but those of all Hunter staff that dealt with your staff and company.

Thank you and looking forward to a continued and healthy business relationship.

Sherif Hanalfi
Hunter Amenities International Ltd

In 2004 we had the good fortune of having a chance shipment with Wide Range Transportation Services. From the beginning they demonstrated flexibility, team work and follow up that far exceeded our expectations. This alone led to then handling more and more of our logistical needs. Within a few months their superior performance left us no choice but to award all of our outbound shipments to them.

Recently our US business has increased, fortunately with Wide Range's help we have made a virtually seamless transition to shipping stateside.

Their expertise, follow up and dedication have been second to none.

They have truly demonstrated that they understand the meaning of "TEAM" by keeping us, their customer and our clients all well informed and up to date.

I would recommend Wide Range with confidence knowing from experience the value their service and expertise bring to Amcor's success.

Mike Eberley
Amcor PET Packaging Canada Inc.

Just wanted to let you know that I was having a conversation with Edythe at Cascadia today and in passing she mentioned that it was always a pleasure to deal with you. She says she appreciates the effort you put into answering her questions and always being very proactive when it comes to billing when there is an issue! It’s always nice to receive some positive feedback and I wanted to make sure I passed the message along!

Keep up the great work!

Sylvie Taylor
Mabe Canada

Just a quick note to let you know how valued your support is in the
efficiency of my position. It is a delight dealing with someone as
courteous, helpful and friendly as yourself. You always communicate
effectively and in a timely manner. If you are not able to field one of
my questions yourself, you do not hesitate to direct me to where I can
obtain the information required.
I consider your work in the customer service department a wonderful
asset to myself and am certain the people you communicate with daily are
just as impressed with the efficiency you bring to the customer service

Michelle Jeroc
Pepsi Canada

I wanted to extend a most sincere thank you to Louise and the staff at Wide Range
for their help and urgency in regards to the service that has been extended to Canac Kitchens.
With your help we have been able to resolve some extremely urgent and dire concerns. I truly
appreciate all you have done for Canac Thanks and Warm Regards.

Dino Kanelopoulos
Canac Kitchens

Just a quick note of thanks for the effort and results your team has driven for the Thornhill facility. We are very happy with data and direction we are heading...

(and) expect that the partnership we have nurtured between Wide Range and Canac will survive the tests of time.

Supply Chain Director for the Kohler Company
Canac Kitchens