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Structure / Synergy

Why Diversification?

Regardless of the manufacturing sector that our customers and prospects are involved with, one thing is clear, “Free Trade Has Matured”. The result is that North American Corporations are experiencing competition from countries that not too long ago were not considered a threat. Focus in all major manufacturing areas is now more then ever on “Core Business”. As such, opportunities for companies in the transportation sector with enough vision to develop product and services to supply their business partners with that “Competitive Advantage”, will soon be the industry leaders of tomorrow. With these basic principles in mind, the Wide Range Group, now consists of four distinct divisions working together in a coordinated effort to accomplish the above. Synergy Advantages from this diversification varies from client to client; yet flexibility ensures a custom solution to every partner.

Logistics Management

Transportation Cost Reduction
All companies today face the challenges of cost reduction. With transportation this may take on several forms. Wide Range specializes in it’s ability to make sense of various cost reduction strategies. This can be as simple as taking the data from our Transportation Data Management program and benchmarking your transportation database against rates in the current marketplace. It may require looking at how your traffic is moving today and suggesting more cost effective methods of moving them tomorrow. All comparisons are done to a high degree of detail showing your company the method and final results based on historic costs.

Transportation Data Management
Nothing says Logistics more than data management. Wide Range as a group of companies strives to incorporate data management tools into every project we take on. One of the functions our Logistics division carries out is data acquisition. This is achieved normally through invoice processing serving not only as a cost and effort reduction for the customer but also a means to reporting all transportation related data into one information channel. Once acquired this data can be used in our consulting, customer management metrics, or related to a number of cost centers to help make meaningful decisions relating to profitability with respect to the cost of transportation.

Software Specific Solutions
Wide Range has written and continues to write all of it’s own software. This is done in order to address the specific needs of each client. These needs can range in a variety of ways: to meet the clients fiscal calendar, to record specific charges for projects or purchase orders, to track the cost of freight by region or SKU. Certainly the most important reason is Management Reporting Tools. Tools specifically designed to aid your management team to make informed decisions relating to the cost of transportation.

Online Capabilities
In today’s world information and it’s availability is paramount to success. Wide Range has made it’s newest software available via the internet. This means access to your data and shipments 24/7, anywhere in the world. Time sensitive shipments meeting critical points in their progress from origin to destination are relayed via the internet in email form with hyperlinks to shipping detail. These critical points can be set to border crossing, clearance or delivery.

Event Driven Email Notification
Wide Range’s software provides up to the minute information regarding events as they occur. This could be inbound time sensitive material for production or ASN notification to your existing customer database.

Warehouse & Distribution

All inventories are updated within the hour of shipping and visible over the Internet anywhere, anytime. This facility is the perfect distribution area for the foreign manufacturer, requiring a presence in Canada to better service their Canadian customer base. A modern 40,000 sq ft facility, safe and secure (C-TPAT Certified). Ideally located dead center between Buffalo, NY border and the G.T.A (Greater Toronto Area).

Brokerage Services

The Brokerage Division “Moving Freight Since / 88”, has fueled the growth for the rest of the “Wide Range Group”. Always successful in the timely movement of freight and excelling in communication. Management recognized the need to expand the products and services rendered to their every growing customer base, resulting in the adding of the Fleet, The Warehouse and Logistics.

With 13 dispatchers, 2 tracers and a dispatch manager, this group knows the meaning of “Team Work”. Being able to allocate manpower to emergency on ‘hard to cover’ freight and get the job done, has earned this group praise and more importantly, greater market share.

Truck Fleet

When the “Wide Range Group” is confronted with opportunity, the approach is always “What is good for the customer”. Our formula for success has been to:


      Marry the needs of the customers with that of our asset based partners
      The next tier of serviceability defaults to the Brokerage division
      The final “Safety Net”, our ability to get the job done when it counts the most

The Wide Range Fleet is certified in:
      Customs Bonded