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We Are The Leader in the Transportation Business!
Whether you are a company currently doing business in Canada or the U.S. or are thinking of doing business here, Wide Range can perform a number of transportation related services to help you decide your competitiveness in the Canadian or U.S. marketplace. With these basic principles in mind, the Wide Range Group, now consists of four distinct divisions working together in a coordinated effort to accomplish the above. Synergy Advantages from this diversification varies from client to client; yet flexibility ensures a custom solution to every partner.
Our Services
Wide Range specializes in it’s ability to make sense of various cost reduction strategies. This can be as simple as taking the data from our Transportation Data Management program and benchmarking your transportation database against rates in the current marketplace.
All inventories are updated within the hour of shipping and visible over the Internet anywhere, anytime. This facility is the perfect distribution area for the foreign manufacturer, requiring a presence in Canada to better service their Canadian customer base.
We have a large, yet efficient internal fleet of trucks ready to take on any freight challenges that come for us.